Location and Facilities

Today, the activities of the Department go on in the building erected over a hundred years ago, in 1917, in the street Starine Novaka No. 24 in Belgrade. Finding itself on a prestigious location, nestled in greenery and in close proximity to numerous faculties, parks, sport centres and several student dormitories, it provides a vibrant, stimulating environment for student life. It guards the memories, hopes and youthful dreams of many generations that studied in it – it could simply be defined as a space with a lot of soul.

It is precisely from this wealth of tradition that we draw the strength to continue to develop and improve our working space, opening up new possibilites for modern education and the realization of the original ideas coming from our students, future engineers and designers.

The Department has at its disposal a surface area of 1.290 square meters. The classes are held at the main lecture hall that seats 120 people, in classrooms, cabinets, workshops, ateliers and laboratories. We have cabinets for textile fibers, physics, woven and knitted fabric design, information technologies and digital design, garment construction and modeling, garment design, two ateliers for drawing and painting, workshops for textile weaving and printing, and a laboratory for chemistry and textile testing and finishing; there is also a library with a reading room.

The Department also has six offices, used by the Head of the Department, the President of the Academy, and the administrative staff, and a teachers’ lounge, the school bookstore and a workshop for the janitor.