Courses on the application of the theory of form in design

  • The courses are held throughout the academic year.
  • The classes take place at the ATUSS Academy.
  • The program of these courses allows our undergraduate and postgraduate students – as well as anyone else interested in design – to become better acquainted with theoretical concepts behind artistic shaping, and to apply them in communication design.
  • The classes consist of practical work and tasks, and the participants in the course present what they’ve learned through the realization of their own project.
  • Upon finishing the courses, the participants will have obtained or improved their knowledge and skills in the field of artistic shaping applied to object design or digital product design (apps, the internet…)
  • At the end of each level, participants present what they’ve learned through a written paper and the realization of a concrete design solution, according to their own interests and preferences.
  • For each level they completed with success, the participants will receive a certificate.


Elemnts of form – non-verbal communication in design – course I


Applying colour theory in design – course II





  • Upon finishing the course, the participant is able to apply the theories pertaining to the field of visual communication in the design of objects and digital products.
  • Upon finishing the course, the participant is able to actively apply colour theory in practice, to recognize and use cultural differences in the perception of colours, to use computer programs for the preparation of the screen-printing process, and to apply colouristic principles of composition in digital publishing.



  • Additional training in the field of visual communication in design enables the participants to improve their practice, whether within a team that works on the creation of digital or physical products, or in individual practice.