Courses in the basics of garment construction and modeling

  • The goal of the course is to train participants to independently create sewing patterns.
  • The classes consist of practical work and tasks, and the participants in the course present what they’ve learned through the realization of prototypes of an individual clothing item.
  • The classes take place at the ATUSS Academy, in specialized classrooms for garment construction and modeling.
  • Upon completing the courses, the participants will receive certificates.
  • Each participant will have at their disposal: sewing mannequins, sewing machines and tools.
  • Apart from gaining technical knowledge, the participants will have the opportunity to become better acquainted with different materials and techniques and improve their design skills.
  • The course is divided into levels. At the end of each level, there will be a presentation of items produced during the course.


Basic level – course 1


Medium level – course 2


Advanced level – course 3


Higher level – course 4a


Higher level – course 4b


Higher advanced level – course 5a


Higher advanced level – course 5b