Courses in cinstruction and modeling of womenswear

  • The courses are held throughout the academic year.
  • The classes take place at the ATUSS Academy, in specialized classrooms for garment construction and modeling.
  • The program of these courses allows our students (garment constructors, fashion designers and managers) and anyone else who wishes to work in fashion to become better acquainted with the characteristics of materials, fitting and draping techniques, and computer-aided pattern construction.
  • The classes consist of practical work and tasks, and the participants in the course present what they’ve learned through the realization of prototypes of individual clothing items.
  • Upon finishing the course, the participants are able to use classic 2D techniques to realize and modify basic and complex garments.
  • Each participant will have at their disposal: sewing mannequins, sewing machines and tools.
  • At the end of each level, participants present what they’ve learned through a written paper and the realization of a garment.
  • For each level they completed with success, the participants will receive a certificate.


Basic level – course I


Medium level – course IIa


Medium level – course IIb


A course on CAD – computer aided preparation of garment construction





  • Upon finishing the course, the participant is able to independently construct and model basic garments of womenswear (straight, flared and bell skirts, dresses, and trousers).
  • Upon finishing the course, the participant is able to independently prepare garment completion and grading, and to fit pattern pieces into the lay plan.



  • The unemployed who undergo the training/retraining program will be able to find employment in the apparel industry, both in the state-owned and the private sector. They will also have the option of starting their own business in this field.