Courses in business economics and business finances


  • The courses are held throughout the academic year.
  • The classes take place at the ATUSS Academy.
  • This program allows all interested parties to become better acquainted with the basics of business economics and the theory of business finances.
  • The courses allow all participants (students, the (un)employed, entrepreneurs) to gain knowledge in the field of economics, business (business potentials), risk management, performance management (efficiency and effectiveness of business operations), as well as business finances (managing financial resources and the invisible resources of a company – intelectual capital, measuring intelectual capital, basic financial reports, assets and asset sources of a company, business costs, payment systems, the VAT, and the basics of public procurements).
  • The classes are organized as lectures and practical exercises with real-life examples.
  • Upon finishing the course, the participants will have gained knowledge that will allow them to develop good business practices, which in turn can lead to an increase in productivity, cost-efficiency and rentability of organizations in which they find employment; they can also start and develop their own business.
  • At the end of each course there will be an exam.
  • For each level they successfully complete, the participants receive a certificate.


Level I – a course in Business Economics


Level II – a course in Business Finances




  • Upon finishing the course, the participants are able to organize, manage and improve the business of the organizations that employ them, or to start their own businesses. 



  • Training the participants – the unemployed in particular – to start and run their own businesses.