Today the College activities are held in a building erected in the long gone year 1917, in the street Starine Novaka No. 24, in Belgrade. Located in a beautiful spot, among natural greenery, and surrounded by numerous faculties, parks, sport centers and student accomodations, it offers excellent living and working conditions for its students. For decades it has kept the memories, hopes and youthful dreams of many generations that have passed through it; it could simply be defined as a space with lots of soul.
Our rich tradition gives us the strength to keep on developing and improving the working environment and through it create new possibilities for the realization of original ides of our future engineers and designers, and their modern education.
The College offers a working space of over 1400 square meters. The classes are held in the main classroom with 120 seats, other classrooms, cabinets, workshops, ateliers and laboratories. The space is equipped with up-to-date eqquipment and learning tools. There are cabinets for textile fibers, physics, weaved and knitted material design and construction, informational technologies and digital design, construction and modelling of clothes, apparel design, two ateliers for painting and drawing, weaving and textile printing workshops, and a laboratory for chemistry, textile testing and finishing. There is also a library with a reading/working area.
The College also has six offices, housing the Director, individual services, teacher's lounge, paper confectionery shop and janitor's workshop.